How would i programmatically determine the profile that firefox is using when it is launched. I need to be able to do this from my OSX application. I receive a notification that firefox is opened. If I know the profile being used, I can determine if our firefox extension has been installed for that user profile.

I have looked at profile.ini and install.ini. But neither gives me an indication as to the current profile being used.


The only way that comes to mind is to look which files Firefox hold open. From the shell:

pgrep firefox | xargs -I{} lsof -p {} | grep .parentlock | \
   awk '{for(i=9;i<=NF;++i)printf $i""FS ; print ""}'  # https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1602035/how-to-print-third-column-to-last-column#comment79559682_1602063

But if you have an extension installed, a more robust way might be to have it announce what profile it's installed in.

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