I've been using Flutter for about 8 weeks. It's awesome, no question.

However, there has been something bugging me since I've started, and that is, why do some widgets have an onTap method whilst others have onPressed? Google has not been able to give me any answers.

If this is not relevant or on-topic enough for Stack Overflow, sorry about that, please point me to the right community to ask.

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    onPressed is usually on buttons while onTap is For any other widget you add behavior to with smtin lyk InkWell or GestureDetector. My observation though. Commented Aug 16, 2019 at 15:30

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In my experience, onTap() is used for any gesture capture and onPressed() especially for buttons. Just like in real life, when you have to use a button, you'll press it.

Hope this will solve your troubles even though I'm not totally sure about that.


Currently they both are same. Just use onPressed with Buttons and onTap with other widgets.

Flutter is still new so there are lots of overlaps. May be in future updates they will make it more streamline . Like they will merge many widgets which are almost same.


The Source of differents between onTap and onPressed is GestureDetector used in buttons.
onTap should give you response in the first moment touching the screen.
onPressed should be equvalent to .onTapDown property - the last moment touching the screen.

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