I had perforce p4 installed on my Ubuntu 18.4. I broke it using the following sequence of mistakes!

sudo apt-get remove helix-p4d
sudo apt-get purge helix-p4d
sudo apt autoremove
sudo rm /etc/perforce
sudo rm /opt/perforce

Then I installed it again using

sudo apt-get install helix-p4d

However, after installation it genereates the following error:

p4dctl error: fopen: /etc/perforce/p4dctl.conf: No such file or directory

My question is, how can I completely remove p4 and all of its services and reinstall everything from scratch.

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Also do:

sudo apt-get remove helix-p4dctl
sudo apt-get purge helix-p4dctl

This will fix the problem with that missing file/directory and you can install again.


To fix the error, I basically removed and purged all helix components:

sudo apt remove helix*
sudo apt purge helix*
sudo rm -rf /etc/perforce
sudo rm -rf /opt/perforce

On my system I also had to delete a service named "helix-p4dctl.service", but i'm not sure if that always is na issue after everything is purged.

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