In one of my PHP based project, I need to pass some parameter (through HTTP GET method), those values are in Arabic.

So what I did is: I am using PHP function urlencode() before passing them through URL, and those encoded values seems OK. But the problem arises when I want to use those values in the target URL page. I mean suppose the encoded value is: %23%F8%A7%F9%83%F8%AB%F8%B1_%F9%85%F9%85%F8%A7_%F8%AA%F8%AA%F9%88%F9%82%F8%B9

Now in the show page, the output it prints by echo is #������������������������

The above is what I got after decoding!

Which is obviously not properly decoded.

Can anyone know how can I solve this problem?

  • Obligatory read: UTF-8 all the way through / Though it's not quite clear where your problem arises. The urlencoded string is already malformed. – mario Aug 17 at 4:36

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