i have problem that i dont know how to solve!! i try to fix it almost a week.

i have application in google play, and i try to do google sign in authentication.

the problem is in the SHA-1.

when i use the keytool command on the keystore file to get SHA-1 relese i get something that start with 28.

when i do intagretion in firebase to link to Google Play, it take another SHA-1 that start with B0, like the image below:

enter image description here

there is anyway to change the SHA-1 in the google play application? to solve this?

in the app folder i have the file google-service.json and i put the correct SHA-1, the one who start with 28, but it didnt help, when i do line its still take the SHA-1 who start with B0..

i will be thankfull for any help!


EDIT i want to make google sign in and get ApiExeption 10. this is because the SHA-1. i want to change in the console play like the image below: enter image description here

with what i read in some other posts, i see that i cant do it.

there another way still make google sign in with my application? i have both 28 and B0 in firebase, google-service.json and google devloper API.

maybe i dont know which one i need to put in this code:

// Configure Google Sign In
GoogleSignInOptions gso = new GoogleSignInOptions.Builder(GoogleSignInOptions.DEFAULT_SIGN_IN)
        .requestIdToken(*28 or B0?????????*)

This works well for getting SHA-1

  1. click to Gradle

  2. click to root project name

  3. click to Tasks

  4. click to android

  5. click right on signingReport

Your SHA-1 is ready. This SHA-1 is for debuging version you can change Build Variants to release and try.

enter image description here

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