Why vue needs to forceUpdate child component that has a static slot when it update self

It will trigger too much update calculate when a component has lots of child components that has a static slot

// my-button.vue

// my-com.vue
    <span>{{ foo }}</span>
    <template v-for="(item, index) in arr">
export default {
  data() {
    return {
      foo: 1,
      arr: (new Array(10000)).fill(1)

If run this.foo = 2 will lead update queue include 10000 watcher. When I read source code I found the following code

function updateChildComponent (

  // Any static slot children from the parent may have changed during parent's
  // update. Dynamic scoped slots may also have changed. In such cases, a forced
  // update is necessary to ensure correctness.
  const needsForceUpdate = !!(
    renderChildren ||               // has new static slots
    vm.$options._renderChildren ||  // has old static slots


  // resolve slots + force update if has children
  if (needsForceUpdate) {
    vm.$slots = resolveSlots(renderChildren, parentVnode.context)

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I have found this issue on GitHub.

Unfortunately, any child components with static slot content still need to be forced updated. This means the common use case of <parent><child></child></parent> doesn't benefit from this change, unless the default slot is explicitly forced into a scoped slot by using <parent v-slot:default><child></child></parent>. (We cannot directly force all slots into scoped slots as that would break existing render function code that expects the slot to be present on this.$slots instead of this.$scopedSlots)

Seems like it's fixed in 2.6.

In 2.6, we have introduced an optimization that further ensures parent scope dependency mutations only affect the parent and would no longer force the child component to update if it uses only scoped slots.

To solve your problem just update your Vue version to 2.6. Since it's just a minor update nothing will break down. What about the reason to call forceUpdate - only Evan You knows that :)

  • Thanks! But this pr is parts of 2.6, so this problem doesn't fixed yet
    – xlaoyu.Lee
    Aug 20, 2019 at 12:37

Hello i solved this problem with this:

export function proxySlots(scopedSlots: any): any {
  return Object.keys(scopedSlots).reduce<any>(
    (acc, key) => {
      const fn = scopedSlots[key];
      fn.proxy = true;
      return { ...acc, [key]: fn };
    { $stable: true },
const ctx = {
 // ...
 scopedSlots: proxySlots({ someSlot: () => <span>Hello</span>})
 // or from provided slots : this.$scopedSlots or context.slots if using composition api 

It's a bit hackish but no more forced update.

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