I want to return a type from function depending on a boolean flag. The idea was to create instances of a Test class later in the program operating with this traits structure that would hold the actual type. However, now I don't know what the return type of a traits function would be.

class Test {
    template <typename T>
    class Traits {
        typedef T type;

??? Test::Options::traits(){
        return Test::Traits<Timeable<Test>>();
    } else {
        return Test::Traits<Test>();
  • C++, unfortunately, does not work this way. There's good news, though. C++17 has a std::variant type that can be used to effectively do this. But whoever calls it will just have to do a little bit extra work to figure out which type was returned. Alternatively, if timer is effectively constexpr, this can be done with specialization. – Sam Varshavchik Aug 18 at 15:57

A function can only return one specific type.

There is no way in C++ to overload on return type.

You cannot dynamically change the return type of a function.


What you are looking for is runtime polymorphism, while C++ templates are compile-time polymorphism.

How are you going to use the return value? something like if (its type is something) ... else ... ? In this case you can use std::variant (C++17).

Or are you going to just call its methods that will be present in all variants? In this case you can use good old inheritance. Extract a common interface to a pure abstract class (often called "interface" anyway), derive from it all types you'd like to return. Ah, and don't return it by value. You can return e.g. std::unique_ptr<YourInterfaceType> (fits your example though involves dynamic memory allocation), or any other kind of reference

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