I just started using google sheets and I wonder if it is possible to fetch a link using importxml XPath



here in this screenshot, you can see the clickable link under main tournament sub-menu which will change every week. currently, I am copy-pasting it manually every week you can find it in a16 cell of the sheet linked below


enter image description here

here is the XPath that I am trying to acquire XPath (I am a total noob at this) and trying to frame it into a formula in a14 cell but have failed miserably.

I also wonder that if it is possible to =concatenate something in between the link for eg:


I want to change the year in between the link but cannot figure how :(

Link to the sheet with edit permission :) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16Y6q2tw26c-nbmqIrXiQ_ZhuDc48oAzkXvOl78kVy00/edit?usp=sharing

  • what exactly you tryin' to scrape? – player0 Aug 18 at 21:29

to create selectable year in link use:



to get Cincinety you can do:

 "//td[@class='t-name']")), "select Col2 where Col1 is null limit 1", 0))

and then the whole formula would be:

 "//td[@class='t-name']")), "select Col2 where Col1 is null limit 1", 0))&"/"&B1&"/atp-men/"


  • As for the array formula some tournaments are split in two words so if it is possible just to fetch the link directly ? prnt.sc/ousys2 – NightCrawller Aug 19 at 20:45
  • for example i want to create 6 tabs with the live tournament pre fixed on this location(they will change every link). The clickable links on these spots. prnt.sc/out29t – NightCrawller Aug 19 at 20:48
  • for two-words names you can use this fix: =SUBSTITUTE("https://www.tennisexplorer.com/"& ARRAYFORMULA(QUERY(TO_TEXT(IMPORTXML("https://www.tennisexplorer.com/live/", "//td[@class='t-name']")), "select Col2 where Col1 is null limit 1", 0))&"/"&B1&"/atp-men/", " ", "-") – player0 Aug 19 at 20:53
  • the selectable year formula is linked to another cell which will fetch the link for eg: check cell a15 i've used "=CONCATENATE(A16, "?phase=qualification" )" – NightCrawller Aug 19 at 20:55
  • Fetching this link that will change everyweek. prnt.sc/outb5v – NightCrawller Aug 19 at 21:05

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