I want to change the color of the parent and the sub parent category into two different colours. Currently using the following code for my widget side tab.

.widget ul {background: gray;padding-top: 1px;}
.widget ul li {background:lightgray;margin: 1px;}
.widget ul a{background-color:darkgray;padding:1px;}

looking to change the font colour. I have tried many options but still not getting it right.enter image description here


Try this:

.widget ul li.parent > a {
    color: red !important;

It's hard to say without seeing your HTML structure, but are each of the sub-parent links ('Access Control', 'Electronic locks', etc) their own ul tags?

If so, could you not target each of their first li's like this:

.widget ul > li:first-of-type > a {
    color: red;
    /* INSERT STYLES */    

This would target all uls' first li > a elements, as in the image on the right.

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