I had a repository on GitLab which I also published on GitHub.

As of now all the Git commands I am using are making changes on GitLab. However, I want those commits on GitHub.

I tried the command:

git remote set-url origin [email protected]:repo-url

Can someone suggest me how to set the URL so that commands would work on GitHub and not GitLab?


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If you want to use both GitHub and GitLab:

git remote add github <your-github-url>  # create a remote for GitHub
git remote add gitlab <your-gitlab-url>  # create another remote for GitLab
git push -u github <local_branch_name>   # set the default upstream to GitHub

If you want to change your remote URL from GitLab to GitHub:

git remote set-url origin <your-github-url>  # use GitHub as your (only) origin

See also "How to change the URI (URL) for a remote Git repository?" and "What exactly does the “u” do? “git push -u origin master” vs “git push origin master”".


Check what the repository is linked to with the command: git remote -v

If it is linked to multiple url's that may be the issue. Try to remove the unwanted url with the command: git remote rm <destination>

Then check again which repos are linked, by running git remote -v once more.

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