I need to pixelate parts of an image using an mask image in tif format.

In ImageMagick there are multiple options to do it, for example:

convert -quality 100 source.tif \( -clone 0 -resize 16% -scale 3840x2160! \) \( unsharp_mask.tif \) -composite result.tif

The source image and the unsharp_mask image have the same size: 3840 x 2160

The unsharp_mask image is filled black except the areas which need to pixelated, they are white, in the source image.

How can I do it with GraphicsMagick?

Is there a simple way to achieve the same result?

  • You may get better results using -scale 16% rather than -resize 16% – fmw42 Aug 20 '19 at 16:45

Updated Answer

Well... with some time spent "dinking around", err, I mean assiduously studying the options, I come up with this which is both faster and also obviates the need for any intermediate files:

cat - <<EOF | gm batch -prompt off
convert source.tif -resize 8x -scale 400x MPR:pixellated
convert -size 400x400 xc:white  -fill black  -draw "circle 200,200 200,400" MPR:mask
composite source.tif MPR:pixellated MPR:mask result.tif

It produces the same result as below. If anyone is interested, MPR means "Memory Program Register" and it is basically a chunk of RAM with a name.

Original Answer

There may be a simpler method that you could work out by dinking around for ages, but this seems to do what I think you want.

This is my source image source.tif and it is 400x400px:

enter image description here

I pixellate it like this:

gm convert source.tif -resize 8x -scale 400x pixellated.tif

enter image description here

Then I make a mask like this - I have artificially added a red outline so you can see the extent on StackOverflow's white background:

gm convert -size 400x400 xc:white  -fill black  -draw "circle 200,200 200,400" mask.tif

enter image description here

And do the final composite like this:

gm composite source.tif pixellated.tif mask.tif result.tif

enter image description here

By the way, see here for some thoughts on GraphicsMagick vs ImageMagick.

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  • Thank you for the great explanation. I have to redo my old masks because they are negated and not compatible (I think it has something to do with LZW compression) but it works. Normally I use big source images > 2 GB so I have to test the performance. Anyway I'm glad you showed me a way to do it with GM. Thanks! – K.P. Aug 22 '19 at 7:09

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