So i'm trying to load close to a thousand gifs on Inkwell widgets with a Hero child in a boxdecoration imagenetwork, i want to understand the best practice to handle this, as it takes long times to load, i want it to load by the first one to appear, whether it's normal or by filtering, so how do flutter devs handle this ?

So how do i support slow internet users by deciding which NetworkImage to load first

      onTap: (){
        Navigator.push(context, MaterialPageRoute(builder:(context)=>GifDetail(
          gifs: gifs,
      child: Hero(
        tag: gifs.url,
        child: Card(
          child: Column(
            mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.spaceEvenly,
            children: <Widget>[
                height: 110,
                width: 110,
                decoration: BoxDecoration(
                  image: DecorationImage(image: NetworkImage(gifs.url))

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You could try using Cached_network_image package. It will still take the same time to load images initially but then the images are retained on the device so will load a lot quicker the next time. There is really no way of getting around the initial download of the image.

Loading via a ListView.builder or GridView.builder will only load the images in the initial view until you scroll, so should also help.


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