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I'm trying to use Jupyter notebook from my windows 10 machine but, when I start it, I get this screen where I can't see my project anymore, I cant navigate anywhere nor I can create any new project. The weird thing is that up to yesterday it was working fine and I don't recall installing/uninstalling or changing anything.

Anyone can help me get through it?

  • it would be helpful to know how you installed it (VM, Docker, local). As well as details like your OS. Aug 19, 2019 at 18:37
  • Hi, thanks for answering, So I have a windows 10 machine and I usually run jupyter notebook through the Anaconda Navigator. I also tried to start it from the anaconda powershell promt but I get the same outcome. Please ask any question will help clarify the situation (and also how to get most of these informations because I know very little about it) Aug 19, 2019 at 18:59

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I had the same problem. It is a bug in the latest update to jupyter notebooks. The workaround is to downgrade back to the most recent working copy. I really wanted a way that used conda and not pip to downgrade, and I found an excellent solution. Anaconda keeps an archive of previous releases of the entire system (conda + jupyter + spyder + ...). You can find the archive here:


For me, the version that worked was the July 2019 release


First you must uninstall Anaconda completely and then install the archived version.

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