I have about 500 graphs generated in Excel using VBA and I need to export them to pdf. These graphs have alternative text to make them accessible for blind people. When I use the VBA (ExportAsFixedFormat) to generate the pdf, the alternative text will be missed in the pdf. Is there a code in python or R to convert the graph from excel to pdf and retain the alternative text?

If I manually save the graphs as pdf, the alternative text will be saved with the graph in pdf file. However, since I have too many graphs, it would be good to be able to do this automatically.

 ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=PdfFileName, _
        Quality:=xlQualityStandard, IncludeDocProperties:=True, IgnorePrintAreas:=False, OpenAfterPublish:=False

The above code in VBA is helpful for creating pdf but does not keep the alternative text.

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    What happens if you switch on the macro recorder whilst saving, is the generated code what you have supplied?
    – S Meaden
    Aug 22, 2019 at 17:04
  • "If I manually save the graphs as pdf" - exactly how are you doing this? Aug 23, 2019 at 22:31
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    You can copy/pastespecial the chart as a picture on the sheet, then set the alt text on the picture to the same as the chart. Then delete the chart. You can do this on a copy of your workbook if you need to keep the charts. The alt text on the chart pictures will carry over to the PDF. Aug 23, 2019 at 22:34
  • ...I guess I was assuming embedded charts. Are you using chart sheets? Aug 23, 2019 at 22:40
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    related: superuser.com/questions/1062228/…
    – QHarr
    Aug 25, 2019 at 14:49

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The following code generates a pdf file for each Sheet (excluding any Worksheet) in ThisWorkbook:

Sub Charts_Export()
Const kPath As String = "D:\@D_Trash\SO Questions\Output\#Name.pdf"    'Update as required
Dim oSht As Object, sPath As String
    With ThisWorkbook
        For Each oSht In .Sheets
            With oSht
                If oSht.Type <> xlWorksheet Then
                    sPath = Replace(kPath, "#Name", .Name)    'Update as required
                    .ExportAsFixedFormat _
                        Type:=xlTypePDF, _
                        Filename:=sPath, _
                        Quality:=xlQualityStandard, _
                        IncludeDocProperties:=True, _
                        IgnorePrintAreas:=False, _
    End If: End With: Next: End With

    End Sub

Once the pdf files are open, press Shift + Ctrl + Y simultaneously to activate the Read Out Loud option in pdf. Then press Shift + Ctrl + V simultaneously to read the AlternativeText.

enter image description here

The previous code, which uses the same piece published by the OP, exported the Charts as pdf files, including the Alternative text in each.

This seems to indicate that the problem could be due to the method used to add the AlternativeText to the Chart. I could not find a method to add the AlternativeText to a Chart once it has been moved as a Sheet, so the AlternativeText has to be added before moving the Chart to a Sheet, when the Chart is still an object (Shape) in a worksheet.

Use this method to add the AlternativeText to each Chart before moving it to a Sheet`.

Private Sub Charts_Add_AlternativeText()
Const kAltTxt As String = "This is a test of the Alt Text in graph [#Name]"    'Update as required
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim co As ChartObject

    Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("DATA")    'Update as required
    For Each co In ws.ChartObjects
        co.ShapeRange.AlternativeText = Replace(kAltTxt, "#Name", co.Name)    'Update as required

    End Sub

Or use this method to add the AlternativeText to each Chart sheet.

Private Sub Charts_Add_AlternativeText()
Const kWsName As String = "!Temp"
Const kAltTxt As String = "This is a test of the Alt Text in graph [#Name]"     'Update as required
Dim wb As Workbook, ws As Worksheet
Dim oSht As Object, sp As Shape
Dim sChName As String, bIdx As Byte

    With Application
        .EnableEvents = False
        .DisplayAlerts = False
        .ScreenUpdating = False
        .Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
    End With

    Set wb = ThisWorkbook
    With wb

        Rem Add Temp Worksheet
        On Error Resume Next
        On Error GoTo 0
        Set ws = .Worksheets.Add(After:=.Sheets(.Sheets.Count))
        ws.Name = kWsName

        Rem Work with Chart Sheets
        For Each oSht In .Sheets
            With oSht
                If oSht.Type <> xlWorksheet Then

                    Rem Move Chart to Temp Worksheet
                    bIdx = .Index
                    sChName = .Name
                    .Location Where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:=kWsName

                    Set sp = ws.Shapes(1)
                    With sp

                        Rem Add AlternativeText to Shape (Chart)
                        .AlternativeText = Replace(kAltTxt, "#Name", sChName)    'Update as required

                        Rem Move Chart to Chart Sheet
                        .Chart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsNewSheet, Name:=sChName
                        wb.Sheets(sChName).Move Before:=wb.Sheets(bIdx)

    End With: End If: End With: Next: End With

    With Application
        .EnableEvents = True
        .DisplayAlerts = True
        .ScreenUpdating = True
        .Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic
    End With

End Sub
  • Great answer! I hope OP could make it work. Thanks!
    – Tung
    Aug 29, 2019 at 20:05

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