I have an application where UI is build in angular and communicates with back end asp.net core web api. To manage Authentication web api generate a JWT token with an expire date. I have a requirement to not allow any new user login where there is already and active user logged into the website.

I have read some suggestion where active session in angular application need to call web api, to update status after some small time interval. I need some suggestion about possible approaches.


Since it's implicit grant flow and you can't use the refresh token so It really depends on your identity provider how can they help you renew the token silently. Normally all the identity provider give you option to silently refresh to token.

For e.g. In case of Azure AD the SPA has to send a request in hidden iframe to get the token refreshed.

Go through the given link you can understand better SPA Silent Auth , however you need to go through the documentation of your identity provider.


When user logged-in in for 1st time,save its status as "active" in database.when you receive login information for same user again, check if that user's status (active or logged out) if status is "active" then do not allow new user ,Allow only when status is "loggedOut".

  • we do not know when 1st user has logged out.To logout user just has to lose jwt token stored in browser. user can also close the browser or system can crash.
    – Fahad Ali
    Aug 20 '19 at 9:55

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