I have a use case where I need to run a Hudson build once for a release to trigger a plugin that we don't want run at any other time and which we don't want to place inside the pom (see: Is it possible to replace the entire Repository Url with a parameterized string in Hudson/Jenkins?).

Basically, I take the svn release url for the project and execute a build on it. However, it triggers dependent builds. This, despite the fact that the following options are not checked:

  • Build whenever a SNAPSHOT dependency
  • is built Build after other projects
  • are built Build other projects

I don't understand why this association is occurring (especially since it's a release). I especially don't understand why this occurs for a project that has no dependencies on other projects being built in hudson (however, other projects are dependent on it).

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or how I can stop Hudson from triggering any other builds when I build this release?


Do any of the dependent jobs have the "Build when a URL's content changes" options enabled ?

If your parent job is publishing artifacts to the location the dependent jobs are watching, that would be enough to trigger the dependent builds.

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