I have a profile page in my Angular (v8) project and normally I use the following approach in order to display user photo:

<img class="profile-user-img" src="./DemoController/GetPhoto?Id={{rec.Id}}" />

However, I think there is another way to bind the image via model.ts that is already filled from database as the other fields. By doing this I just send a single request to the database instead of twice and the photo data will be included in the model.ts. So, how can I do this? Should I need a special convert image data before rendering?

Note: I use byte[] as the data type of photo on C# side. Any idea?

Here is my model. ts below:

export interface IUserProfile {
    Id: number;
    Photo: string | ArrayBuffer;
    NameSurname: string;
  • There are many similar questions : link – Bill P Aug 20 at 12:27

I think you can just use the byte array to fill the img.src attribute. In your template to the component you can write as follows:

<img class="profile-user-img" src="data:image/gif;base64,{{Profile.Photo}}" />

Where in your component you have:

export class User {
  Profile: UserProfile;
  • Thanks for reply, seems to be quickest way but I encountered "GET unsafe:data:image/gif;base64, ... net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME" – hexadecimal Aug 20 at 12:21
  • Why is there an error. I think it is a normal method to display an image in html. Did the http request already happen on UserProfile instantiation? – fr43nk Aug 20 at 12:25
  • Ok, now fixed after you updated your answer. Voted up, many thanks ;) – hexadecimal Aug 20 at 12:29

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