I created various titlesName that can expand and collapse. When I click on individual titleNames they expand and collapse perfectly if the items in recycler view are totally visible in view. Let's say I have 4 titles and each title contains 10 components and say all the titleNames are expanded initially. Next, I perform collapse and I just see the names of the titles that's it. After this step, all the titles are in a collapsed state and let's say now I click layer2 (i.e. index 1) and the items are expanded and the items are more so they are scrollable and whole list is not seen in one shot. when I collapse I see that the layer2 elements are collapsed but I see the items in the layer3 are also made visible although earlier I collapsed every layer.

Below is the code that i have added in the onBindViewHolder :

if (position > startIndex && position < endIndex) {
                ViewGroup.LayoutParams param = holder.itemView.getLayoutParams();
                if (position > 0 && position > startIndex && position < endIndex && !this.layers[currIndex]) {
                    param.height = 0;
                    param.width = 0;
                } else if (holder.itemView.getVisibility() == View.GONE) {
                    param.height = LinearLayout.LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT;
                    param.width = LinearLayout.LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT;

where startIndex is the starting point of the layer2 and endIndex is the last element of the layer3 and currIndex is the current index of the layer that is clicked in this case layer2. layers are the boolean array whose true value says the title is expanded and falsely says it is collapsed and I have bound this value with one chevron that changes direction on expanding and collapse. someone, please help what shall be done so that I don't see the components in layer3 when the collapse happens for layer2. I suspect when the to recycle is done and holder binds the items when the collapse happens but I am using View.GONE and not View.VISIBLE. Your help is really appreciated. Not able to figure out the issue. My guess I need to do something for the elements that are not in a current layer but how not sure. Thanks in advance.

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