In iOS 13 the behavior has changed so that by default when Navigation controller appears the search bar is visible (when UISearchController is assigned to a navigationItem.searchController). Some system apps appear with the search bar hidden (you need to swipe down for it to appear), but I don't see any specific property that would allow this. How to achieve this - maybe there is some property or some method to do that?

  • Navigation controllers don't have search bars by default so please update your question with details about what you are doing to get a search bar in place. – rmaddy Aug 20 at 21:10
  • @rmaddy I will but just wandering if you really have no idea what I am doing as showing search bar in navigation controller is a standard procedure since iOS 11. – Ivan Ičin Aug 20 at 21:39
  • There are different solutions so it is important for you to be clear on what exactly it is that you are doing. Your edit is far from enough detail. – rmaddy Aug 20 at 22:24
  • @rmaddy as some people (possibly you) downvote, please answer what you are missing. Did you try to reproduce the problem with the description above. I can, and I don't see how implementation of searchbar controller would influence this as even the simplest one works. – Ivan Ičin Aug 21 at 9:59
  • 1
    This question seems clear to me. Navigation Items with search controllers assigned (thus with a search bar) behave differently in iOS 13 - they are visible on load. The obvious ideas (setting a content offset of the table, or programatically scrolling the table to a the first row) don't work. – Andrew Bennet Sep 4 at 22:17

I find this works:

self.searchController.searchBar.hidden = YES;

You will need to unhide at the appropriate time.

  • I guess in some way it would work. But I don’t thin it is like in Mail app where the bar appears animated on scroll down – Ivan Ičin yesterday

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