I want to pull apart a docker image uri inside of my Jenkins pipeline. Example uri = https://test-registry.home.imagehub.com/engineering/images/rhel:latest. I would like to break this down into 4 parts.


$1 = test-registry

$2 = engineering/images

$3 = rhel

$4 = latest

caveats $2 sometimes only has one directory level

I believe the proper regex for this is:


This should grab everything after the //s up to the first . (period) for $1

The [^\/] should move up to the / divider through the subdomains

I want the second (.*) to be greedy up to but not including the last / divider.

The 3rd part should grab everything after the last / divider and before the :

the 4th part should grab everything after the : (colon)

I did include the regex

import java.util.regex.Pattern

I have tried a lot of different solutions to make this work in my jenkins declarative pipeline such as inline:
sReg = https://test-registry.home.imagehub.com/engineering/images/rhel:latest




  stage ('regex')



      def sReg = https://test-registry.home.imagehub.com/engineering/images/rhel:latest

     def registry = sReg =~ /\w+:\/\/(.*)\./

here I expected:

registry = test-registry 

So I echo the result

echo registry.group(1)

but this gives me:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: No match found

Which makes no sense. I have tried just getting the https with /(\w+):/ but same result.

I tried with a class also but same result, no matches.

I would like to get all four in one shot but I will pull out each part in a separate regex if need be. At this point I would like to figure out how I can at least get a match.

I added:

import java.util.regex.Matcher

Then down in the script section I added:

def registry = Sreg =~ ///([^.]+)[^/]+/((?:[^/]+/)*[^/]+)/(.+):(.+)/


When I run the pipeline I get:

[Pipeline] echo

java.util.regex.Matcher[pattern=//([^.]+)[^/]+/((?:[^/]+/)*[^/]+)/(.+):(.+) region=0,78 lastmatch=]

So instead of extracting the information it is equaling the pattern?

I did an echo on Sreg and it shows the uri so it should be getting the uri in my def.


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You can access groups with :

def sReg = "https://test-registry.home.imagehub.com/engineering/images/rhel:latest"
def registry = sReg =~ /\w+:\/\/(.*)\.[^\/]+/(.*)/(\w+):(.*)/

println registry[0] //For all groups
println registry[0][1] //For group 1

Sources and examples : https://mrhaki.blogspot.com/2009/09/groovy-goodness-matchers-for-regular.html

  • When I println(registry) I get: java.util.regex.Matcher[pattern=//([^.]+)[^/]+/((?:[^/]+/)*[^/]+)/(.+):(.+) region=0,78 lastmatch=] not the actual match. I added this to my original post so it is a little easier to follow.
    – jdm4tdx1
    Aug 21, 2019 at 13:11
  • This code in jenkins : def sReg = "https://test-registry.home.imagehub.com/engineering/images/rhel:latest" def registry = sReg =~ /\w+:\/\/(.*)\./ println registry[0][1] give me : [Pipeline] node [Pipeline] { [Pipeline] echo test-registry.home.imagehub [Pipeline] } [Pipeline] // node [Pipeline] End of Pipeline
    – Maxime C
    Aug 21, 2019 at 13:18

So it turns out my whole issue was my agent statement.

Instead of: agent { node 'slave' }

I had: agent {node 'slave'}

Once I fixed this the regex started working.


I found out also the println(registry) statement is still just the pattern matcher but now println(registry[0][1]) gives me the captured text.

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