I am trying to compare true+false to 1 i.e true+false===1

In the past, I tried the following:

   true===1  //false
   false===0 //false
   true-true===0 //true

I expect the output to be false but the actual output is true.


true and false are implicitly type casted to number when used in mathematical operation

Note:- here + is type casting it to number



true + false === 1 

is actually

1 + 0 === 1

When you add up two Booleans, since the Booleans do not support arithmetic operation, but logic operation only, the JS environment just converts them to Number. So 1+0===1. But if you do true ===1, this is type sensitive, it will result false. If you do true == 1, it’ll be true. Cuz this is not type sensitive, type transformation will be done by JS environment.

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