I follow the example and create a reactiveui using dynamic data, I have no problem doing

List<TradingSy> myList = vmMwt.LoadList<TradingSy>();

I was hoping that when a user makes multiple changes or add or remove an item, I can easily find out what the changes are with ToObservableChangeSet when a user press Save button

OKCmd = ReactiveCommand.Create(() => {

               .Bind(out _tradingChanges)

but it is complaing that TradingChanges is invalid

private IObservableCollection _tradingChanges = new ObservableCollectionExtended();

  • Try having your field as the concrete class ObservableCollectionExtended rather than the interface – Glenn Watson Aug 21 at 21:30
  • No it doesn't work. Please provide an example. Thanks. – Jason Aug 21 at 23:06

I believe the following will resolve the issue:

private ReadOnlyObservableCollection<IChangeSet<TradingSy>> _tradingChanges;
  • yes, it compiles, but then I still cannot access member of TradingSy. I was hoping something like _tradingChanges.ID, _tradingChanges.Name is available so I can save the changes to the database. – Jason Aug 22 at 17:44

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