I have two questions related to the same topic. I run a simulation of 16000 sequences of 100 elements without repetitions with numbers between 1-4, for example: 124232143214223142314...

These simulations were done to see what was the longest sequence in common between the sequences randomly generated and the pre-defined sequence. Participants were also asked to do this, to generate the sequence they had previously learned without awareness.

I want to find all the triplets in common between both sequences. So if we have sequence A: 12342134213421313242... and sequence B: 21342134123214. It would have to count all the triplets in common including repetitions: 213, 134, 342, 213, etc.


Try something like that:

import itertools

x = "12342134213421313242123"
y = "213421341232123"
m = ["1","2","3","4"]

#dict of triplet vs [no of repetitions in x, in y]
z={k: [x.count(k), y.count(k)] for k in ["".join(el) for el in [a+b+c for a in m for b in m for c in m if a!=b and b!=c and a!=c]]}
#total number of common triplets:
z_no = sum([x.count(k) if x.count(k)>0 and y.count(k)>0 else 0 for k in ["".join(el) for el in [a+b+c for a in m for b in m for c in m if a!=b and b!=c and a!=c]]])
#broken down by triplet
z_final = {k: v[0] for k,v in z.items() if v[0]>0 and v[1]>0}
  • Thank you for answering but z_no is equal to 2 which does not correspond to the expected answer. There are a lot more triplets in common between the two sequences. – CatM Aug 22 at 14:14
  • does the triplet have to have 3 unique numbers, or e.g. "444" is ok. I edited it, so it assumes it's ok to have numbers repeated within single triplet – Grzegorz Skibinski Aug 22 at 14:23
  • You cannot have consecutive repetitions. What I meant by repetitions is that in x the 123 triplet occurs twice, so in the total amount of common triplets it should be counted twice. – CatM Aug 22 at 14:26
  • ah, ok, so we take triplets from shorter string, and see how many times it appears in the longer one ? (on my example y, and x respectively) ? – Grzegorz Skibinski Aug 22 at 14:27
  • Yes, so we would be looking for 213, 134, 342, 213... and so on. – CatM Aug 22 at 14:29

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