I need to store in variable & print the output of "ls -ltr" for a set of files on remote host. This variable with be used by another play in the same yml.

I tried the following however, it just prints the filename and not the complete results of "ls -ltr" command.

My lstest.yml looks like below:

 - name: Play 4- Configure nodes
         hosts: remotehost

           - name: "Collecting APP file information"
             command:  ls -ltr  /app/{{ vars[item.split('.')[1]] }}/{{ item | basename }}
             register: fdetails_APP
             when: Layer == 'APP'
                - "{{ playbook_dir }}/tmpfiles/*"

            - debug: var=fdetails_APP.stdout_lines 

            - set_fact:   fdet_APP={{ fdetails_APP.stdout_lines }}
            - name: Printing fpath
                   var: fdet_APP


TASK [Collecting APP file information] ************************************************************************************ changed: [localhost] => (item=/app/Ansible/playbook/tmpfiles/filename1.exe) changed: [localhost] => (item=/app/Ansible/playbook/tmpfiles/33211.sql) changed: [localhost] => (item=/app/Ansible/playbook/tmpfiles/file1.mrt) changed: [localhost] => (item=/app/Ansible/playbook/tmpfiles/filename1.src)

PLAY RECAP ************************************************************************************************************************************************** localhost : ok=3 changed=1 unreachable=0
failed=0 skipped=0 rescued=0 ignored=0

Can you please suggest.

Note. In near future I would also like to add the checksum of the files stored in the same variable.


As per fileglob documentation- "Matching is against local system files on the Ansible controller. To iterate a list of files on a remote node, use the find module." For remote host fileglob cannot be used.

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  • This does not work even on localhost. fdetails_APP.request yields better results although not exactly inline with my requirement. – Ashar Aug 22 '19 at 14:30

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