I am getting this error while I am building APK.

Cause 1: org.gradle.workers.internal.DefaultWorkerExecutor$WorkExecutionException: A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.Workers$ActionFacade
    at org.gradle.workers.internal.DefaultWorkerExecutor$WorkerExecution.waitForCompletion(DefaultWorkerExecutor.java:285)
    at org.gradle.internal.work.DefaultAsyncWorkTracker.waitForItemsAndGatherFailures(DefaultAsyncWorkTracker.java:115)
    at org.gradle.internal.work.DefaultAsyncWorkTracker.waitForCompletion(DefaultAsyncWorkTracker.java:87)
    at org.gradle.workers.internal.DefaultWorkerExecutor.await(DefaultWorkerExecutor.java:150)
    at com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.Workers$WorkerExecutorAdapter.await(Workers.kt:282)
    at com.android.ide.common.resources.MergeWriter.end(MergeWriter.java:48)
    at com.android.ide.common.resources.MergedResourceWriter.end(MergedResourceWriter.java:242)
    at com.android.ide.common.resources.DataMerger.mergeData(DataMerger.java:292)
    at com.android.ide.common.resources.ResourceMerger.mergeData(ResourceMerger.java:384)
    at com.android.build.gradle.tasks.MergeResources.lambda$doFullTaskAction$1(MergeResources.java:261)
    at com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.Blocks.recordSpan(Blocks.java:58)

Tried to invalidate cache and restart android studio.Rebuild project but none of them works for me.

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    Yes. It is also showing heap size issue. But I have already allocated maximux heap size. Aug 22, 2019 at 10:10
  • it is pretty much impossible to debug this with just his much info buddy, i thinki reddit/quora might be more helpful than stack, you wont be allowed to have discussions here
    – Kushan
    Aug 22, 2019 at 10:11
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    Thanks Kushan.I found a solution after adding "org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx4608m" in gradle.properties Aug 22, 2019 at 10:16
  • here maybe help you. this is useful for me
    – ifredom
    Nov 3, 2020 at 9:39
  • Hi, I am having the same issue. How did you add "org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx4608m"? Where can I find the gradle.properties?
    – HansiFLK
    Jan 6, 2021 at 10:12

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Finally found a solution for this by adding this line to gradle.properties.


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    stackoverflow.com/questions/57852877/… Answered here Sep 10, 2019 at 9:41
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    I have no idea what this does but it worked, can you add some info? Nov 7, 2019 at 12:59
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    org.gradle.jvmargs represent the arguments that will be passed to the Java virtual machine used during build time. The Xmx option with a number (in this very special syntax) is commonly used to set the maximum size of the heap in megabytes, while Xms is used to set the minimal one. Dec 16, 2019 at 15:58
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    for more guidance to this problem, scroll to the bottom of the stack trace, mine is Caused by: org.gradle.api.GradleException: Can't process attribute android:fillColor="@android:color/holo_red_dark": references to other resources are not supported by build-time PNG generation. File was preprocessed as vector drawable support was added in Android 5.0 (API level 21)
    – sea
    Dec 20, 2019 at 13:39
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    i have applied your solution but still getting error. FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':app:mergeDebugJavaResource'. > A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.Workers$ActionFacade > File 'com.android.builder.files.ZipCentralDirectory@3a9a7373' was deleted, but previous version not found in cache
    – Kamlesh
    Oct 29, 2020 at 3:16

Try this, in Android Studio

File > Invalidate Caches/Restart... 
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    I did but I still got a similar error after building the project.
    – Hesam
    Mar 10, 2020 at 19:19
  • Also, try to clean the project and then File > Invalidate Caches/Restart... and check if that works
    – Raj Yadav
    Mar 17, 2020 at 9:52
  • Yaday. Thanks for your reply. The problem was the latest unstable version of the Android Gradle build tool. I downgraded to the latest stable version and the problem's gone.
    – Hesam
    Mar 17, 2020 at 18:15
  • and you may sync gradle
    – oguzhan
    Jul 22, 2020 at 19:22
  • For me there was an issue with one of my xmls files missing the tools namespace declaration. Hoping to help somebody who still doesn't solve his/her problem by invalidating and restarting.
    – devDeejay
    Jun 29 at 10:23

I already had multidex enabled but the version was too old so upgraded and it fixed the issue:

// Old version
implementation "com.android.support:multidex:1.0.3"
// New version
def multidex_version = "2.0.1"
implementation "androidx.multidex:multidex:$multidex_version"
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    implementation 'androidx.multidex:multidex:$multidex_version' with " ..." required not ' ...' Apr 9, 2021 at 10:47
  • unfortunately I already have this version and still same problem
    – natansalda
    May 20 at 7:15
  • where should i put this code. please specify location Jul 15 at 11:23

In my case, I enabled multidex

Open [project_folder]/app/build.gradle and add following lines.

defaultConfig {

    multiDexEnabled true


dependencies {

    implementation 'com.android.support:multidex:2.0.1'

I removed this issue by adding the following lines

add multiDexEnabled true in android>app>build.gradle inside defaultConfig

add implementation 'com.android.support:multidex:1.0.3' in android>app>build.gradle inside dependencies

  • this worked for me. on Android Studio artic fox Nov 20, 2021 at 10:33

Encountered Similar issue... the fix for me was changing/updating the gradle version

   classpath "com.android.tools.build:gradle:4.1.2" 


   classpath "com.android.tools.build:gradle:4.1.3"

worked for me

  • I had a problem with classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:7.2.0' but going back to classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:7.1.3' resolved that
    – natansalda
    May 20 at 7:19

I got an stacktrace similar to yours only when building to Lollipop or Marshmallow, and the solution was to disable Advanved profiling.

Find it here:

Run -> Edit Configurations -> Profiling -> Enable advanced profiling


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    I accidentally enable advanced profiling and disabling it fixed the problem. Your answer helps me to get into that issue
    – Zulqarnain
    Feb 6, 2020 at 10:54

search your code you must be referring to color in color.xml in an xml drawable. go and give hex code instead of referencing....

Example: in drawable.xml you must have called


change it to android:fillColor="#ffaacc" hope it solve your problem...





defaultConfig {
        multiDexEnabled true

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.android.support:multidex:1.0.3'

and yet theses stuff did not fix my problem, until I increase the compileSdkVersion from 27 to 28, it worked for me.

android {
    compileSdkVersion 28

    sourceSets {
        main.java.srcDirs += 'src/main/kotlin'

    lintOptions {
        disable 'InvalidPackage'

    defaultConfig {
         minSdkVersion 21
        targetSdkVersion 28
        versionCode flutterVersionCode.toInteger()
        versionName flutterVersionName
        multiDexEnabled true

    buildTypes {
        release {
            crunchPngs false

classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.3.2' Change the class path and it will work.


Solution for:

Caused by 4: com.android.builder.internal.aapt.AaptException: Dependent features configured but no package ID was set.

All feature modules have to apply the library plugin and NOT the application plugin.

build.gradle (:androidApp:feature_A)

apply plugin: 'com.android.library'

It all depends on the stacktrace of each one. Cause 1 WorkExecutionException may be the consequence of other causes. So I suggest reading the full stacktrace from the last cause printed towards the first cause. So if we solve the last cause, it is very likely that we will have fixed the chain of causes from the last to the first.

I attach an example of my stacktrace where the original or concrete problem was in the last cause:

Caused by: org.gradle.workers.internal.DefaultWorkerExecutor$WorkExecutionException: A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.res.LinkApplicationAndroidResourcesTask$TaskAction

Caused by: com.android.builder.internal.aapt.v2.Aapt2InternalException: AAPT2 aapt2-4.2.0-alpha16-6840111-linux Daemon #0: Unexpected error during link, attempting to stop daemon.

Caused by: java.io.IOException: Unable to make AAPT link command.

Caused by 4: com.android.builder.internal.aapt.AaptException: Dependent features configured but no package ID was set.


Feature Package ID was not set


in my code i am using latest version of flutter and packages and remove this error by adding the line in

multiDexEnabled true 

in app level build.gradle


I also have the same issue , and you can add this

org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx4608m on your Gradle.properties

but in my case I change like this :

from : org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx2048m -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8

to: org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx4608m -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8


In right side of android studio click gradle -> app -> build -> assemble. then android studio will start building, and print you a proper message of the issue.


Working on android studio: 3.6.3 and gradle version:

classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.6.3'
classpath "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-gradle-plugin:1.3.72"

Adding this line in

gradle.properties file


I update this and worked for me in gradle wrapper properties


This fixed my issue.

cd android && ./gradlew clean

found the solution.

add this code to your build.gradle,

dependencies {
    def multidex_version = "2.0.1"
    implementation 'androidx.multidex:multidex:$multidex_version'

then enable the multidex to true

 defaultConfig {
        minSdkVersion 15 
        targetSdkVersion 28
        multiDexEnabled true


If you've tried all the solutions above and still doesn't resolve your issue.

This might not seemed related, but here's my take on it.

Try removing this from your Gradle dependency, I've spend 2 hours of my time because of this roadblock.

implementation "com.squareup.retrofit2:adapter-rxjava2:2.3.0"


I got this problem when I directly downloaded code files from GitHub but it was showing this error, but my colleague told me to use "Git bash here" and use the command to Gitclone it. After doing so it works fine.


In my case the issue was related to View Binding. It couldn't generate binding classes due to an invalid xml layout file. In the file I had a Switch with an id switch, which is a Java keyword. Renaming the Switch id resolved the issue.enter image description here


in my case for Kotlin build.gradle:app add a line dependencies: multiDexEnabled true and add def multidex_version = "2.0.1" implementation 'androidx.multidex:multidex:$multidex_version'


if you are stuck in this error below

Execution failed for task ':app:signReleaseBundle'. > A failure occurred while 
executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.Workers$ActionFacade > 'other' 
has different root

**then do it change the location your the .abb in time of generating to your project(own project of this .aab) then go to app and then select the realese folder to save your .aab **

  • this one is worked for me thank you Jan 27 at 11:08

How To Solve A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.Workers$ActionFacade Error? To Solve A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.Workers$ActionFacade Error Just open your app/build.gradle file and change this line. androidx.core:core-ktx:+ replace with androidx.core:core-ktx:1.6.0 Here is an Example. If you are using androidx.core:core-ktx:+ then this will find the latest version of androidx.core:core-ktx:+ and the latest one is 1.7.0 and the latest version needs the Android 31 compile SDK. So that You are facing this issue. Here is Two Possible Solution use a specific version, use androidx.core:core-ktx:${version} instead of androidx.core:core-ktx:+ upgrade the compile SDK to Android 31 full article is Here


just add


to the gradle.properties .

actually this happens mostly when you mess up with androidx and support libraries, some dependencies are currently not fully supporting androidX. so you have to enable jetfier.


please check if current icons are not on debug folder if so move them to main folder or recreate them enter image description here


You may get an error like this when trying to build an app that uses a VectorDrawable for an Adaptive Icon. And your XML file contains "android:fillColor" with a <gradient> block:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<vector xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"

        android:pathData="M1,1 H99 V99 H1Z"
        <aapt:attr name="android:fillColor">
                android:type="linear" />

Gradient fill colors are commonly used in Adaptive Icons, such as in the tutorials here, here and here.

Even though the layout preview works fine, when you build the app, you will see an error like this:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':app:mergeDebugResources'.
> A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.Workers$ActionFacade
   > Error while processing Project/app/src/main/res/drawable/icon_with_gradient.xml : null

(More info shown when the gradle build is run with --stack-trace flag):

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at com.android.ide.common.vectordrawable.VdPath.addGradientIfExists(VdPath.java:614)
    at com.android.ide.common.vectordrawable.VdTree.parseTree(VdTree.java:149)
    at com.android.ide.common.vectordrawable.VdTree.parse(VdTree.java:129)
    at com.android.ide.common.vectordrawable.VdParser.parse(VdParser.java:39)
    at com.android.ide.common.vectordrawable.VdPreview.getPreviewFromVectorXml(VdPreview.java:197)
    at com.android.builder.png.VectorDrawableRenderer.generateFile(VectorDrawableRenderer.java:224)
    at com.android.build.gradle.tasks.MergeResources$MergeResourcesVectorDrawableRenderer.generateFile(MergeResources.java:413)
    at com.android.ide.common.resources.MergedResourceWriter$FileGenerationWorkAction.run(MergedResourceWriter.java:409)

The solution is to move the file icon_with_gradient.xml to drawable-v24/icon_with_gradient.xml or drawable-v26/icon_with_gradient.xml. It's because gradient fills are only supported in API 24 (Android 7) and above. More info here: VectorDrawable: Invalid drawable tag gradient


I know this might not be a complete or exact solution, but for those who are still facing issues even after doing what is given on this thread, check for your files in value folder. For me there was a typo and some missing values. Once i fixed them this error stopped.


If you getting this error saying signing-config.json (Access denied) means just exit the android studio and just go to the desktop home and click on the android studio icon and give Run as Administrator, this will sort out the problem (or) you can delete the signing-config.json and re-run the program :)


I was also facing the same problem a few minutes before when I tried to run a flutter project in my C/(.something../.something../.something../.something....) directory,

So I created a new folder in my E directory and started a new project there and when I run it ..... surprisingly it worked. I don't know why?

This was the message that I got after running in E: directory

Launching lib\main.dart on Lenovo K33a42 in debug mode...
Running Gradle task 'assembleDebug'...
Checking the license for package Android SDK Platform 28 in 
License for package Android SDK Platform 28 accepted.
Preparing "Install Android SDK Platform 28 (revision: 6)".
"Install Android SDK Platform 28 (revision: 6)" ready.
Installing Android SDK Platform 28 in 
"Install Android SDK Platform 28 (revision: 6)" complete.
"Install Android SDK Platform 28 (revision: 6)" finished.
Parameter format not correct -
√ Built build\app\outputs\apk\debug\app-debug.apk.
Installing build\app\outputs\apk\app.apk...
Debug service listening on ws://
Syncing files to device Lenovo K33a42...

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