I am trying to check if two fields have same value for one record in mongodb through rails. I want to check if the value in actual_user_id and user_id are same.

JobPosting.where(:actual_user_id => :user_id, created_at: @yesterday.midnight..@yesterday.end_of_day).count

Do you want to return all values with a duplicate actual_user_id and user_id? If that's the case:

JobPosting.select(:actual_user_id,:user_id).group(:actual_user_id,:user_id).having("count(*) > 1")

If you want to find how many duplicates there are, try adding size on the end:

JobPosting.select(:actual_user_id,:user_id).group(:actual_user_id,:user_id).having("count(*) > 1").size

If however you know the user_id and actual_user_id you want to search for, and have assigned them to variables:

JobPosting.where(actual_user_id: actual_user_id, user_id: user_id)

The first will return groups of duplicates, the second will return the duplicate values with how often they appear, and the final will return all records with an actual_user_id and user_id matching the given values.

Taken from: Find rows with multiple duplicate fields with Active Record, Rails & Postgres

EDIT: To include the created_at in the query and get the number of duplicates along with the values, I think you're looking at:

  .where(created_at: @yesterday.midnight..@yesterday.end_of_day)
  .having("count(*) > 1")
  • I want to know how many duplicates there are, within that time frame which I am trying to specify with the created _at. – Kaustubh Namjoshi Aug 22 at 10:59
  • Updated my answer – Mark Aug 22 at 11:13

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