I have a function which dynamically updates a HTML aria-expanded attribute to true or false. However when I type element as HTMLElement, I receive a Argument of type 'boolean' is not assignable to parameter of type 'string'

  expandEotyDocumentsPanel(element: HTMLElement) {
    this.eotyExpanded = !this.eotyExpanded;
    element.setAttribute('aria-expanded', this.eotyExpanded);

As you might have already noticed, this.eotyExpanded is a boolean.

With regards to the second argument of setAttribute(), the docs on MDN say:

A DOMString containing the value to assign to the attribute. Any non-string value specified is converted automatically into a string.

So I thought supplying a boolean value would be fine.

How can I suppress this error?



attribute of the element can't be a boolean, so you would probably just turn it into string instead with

new Boolean(this.eotyExpanded).toString()


I had the same error in React, and to solve it I did the following:

const [interest, seInterest] = useState(false)

I replaced false with '':

const [interest, seInterest] = useState('') 

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