I’m implementing a very basic scrapper on my app with the watir gem. It runs perfectly fine locally but when I run it on heroku, it triggers this error : Webdrivers::BrowserNotFound: Failed to find Chrome binary.

I added google-chrome and chromedriver buildpacks to my app to tell Selenium where to find Chrome on Heroku but it still doest not work. Moreover, when I print the options, the binary seems to be correctly set:

#<Selenium::WebDriver::Chrome::Options:0x0000558bdf7ecc30 @args=#<Set: {"--user-data-dir=/app/tmp/chrome", "--no-sandbox", "--window-size=1200x600", "--headless", "--disable-gpu"}>, @binary="/app/.apt/usr/bin/google-chrome-stable", @prefs={}, @extensions=[], @options={}, @emulation={}, @encoded_extensions=[]>

This is my app Buildpack URLs :

1. heroku/ruby
2. heroku/google-chrome
3. heroku/chromedriver

This is my code :

def new_browser(downloads: false)

  options = Selenium::WebDriver::Chrome::Options.new

  chrome_dir = File.join Dir.pwd, %w(tmp chrome)
  FileUtils.mkdir_p chrome_dir
  user_data_dir = "--user-data-dir=#{chrome_dir}"
  options.add_argument user_data_dir

  if chrome_bin = ENV["GOOGLE_CHROME_SHIM"]
    options.add_argument "--no-sandbox"
    options.binary = chrome_bin

  options.add_argument "--window-size=1200x600"
  options.add_argument "--headless"
  options.add_argument "--disable-gpu"

  browser = Watir::Browser.new :chrome, options: options

  if downloads
    downloads_dir = File.join Dir.pwd, %w(tmp downloads)
    FileUtils.mkdir_p downloads_dir

    bridge = browser.driver.send :bridge
    path = "/session/#{bridge.session_id}/chromium/send_command"
    params = { behavior: "allow", downloadPath: downloads_dir }
    bridge.http.call(:post, path, cmd: "Page.setDownloadBehavior",
                                  params: params)

Any idea how to fix this ? I checked many similar issues on different websites but I did not find anything.


i also work on same thing last two days, and as you said I try a lot of different things. I finally made it.

The problem is that heroku use different path where is chromedriver downloaded. In source code of webdriver gem I found that webdriver looking on default system path for (linux, mac os, windows) and this is reason why works locally or path defined in WD_CHROME_PATH environment variable. To set path on heroku we must set this env variable

"WD_CHROME_PATH": "/app/.apt/usr/bin/google-chrome"

must be google-chrome not google-chrome-stable like we can find on examples.

  • really thanks a lot! I had the exact same issue! Had a whole day working on it. I consider writing an article about a step to step guide to use selenium on heroku since this is really a pain. – thomas Oct 24 '19 at 13:50
  • Could you share more of our config? I am having issues getting this to work, even using WD_CHROME_PATH. – Ian Vaughan Jan 13 at 20:48
  • "test": { "env": { "WD_CHROME_PATH": "/app/.apt/usr/bin/google-chrome" }, "buildpacks": [ // ... { "url": "github.com/heroku/heroku-buildpack-chromedriver.git" }, { "url": "github.com/heroku/heroku-buildpack-google-chrome.git" } ], "addons": ["heroku-postgresql:in-dyno", "heroku-redis:in-dyno" ], "scripts": { // test setup, // run tests } } – Nedim Jan 14 at 9:50

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