With GetOpt::Long, is it possible to create a dynamic list of parameters?

myprog.pl --dir /tmp --force --releaes 1.2.3

my %options = (); 
my @options = qw(dir force release );
#note dir and release take argument, and force is a flag my $result = GetOptions(\%options, \@optons); #or something like that print "dir $options{dir} \n"; #produces say /tmp print "force $options{force} \n"; # produces 1 or 0 print "release $options{release} \n"; # and so on


  • Of course it is possible to construct your lists of valid arguments dynamically; all the lists are dynamic, unless you fix them in the source code. – Jonathan Leffler Apr 22 '11 at 23:59

This should do the trick:

my @options = qw(dir=s force release=s); 
my $result = GetOptions(\%options, @options);
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    Wow. Awesome. Thanks for a quick response – Kamikaze Apr 23 '11 at 0:24

Subs take a list of scalars for arguments. That list can be generated from any expression*, including an array.

my @options;
if (condition()) { # Dynamic
   @options = qw( dir=s force release=s );
} else {
   @options = ...;

GetOptions(\%options, @optons);

* — Prototypes can alter what expressions are allowed and how the expression is evaluated.

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