When starting Charles after getting a new MacBook Pro with Catalina, I get the following message

Charles cannot configure your proxy settings while it is on a read-only volume


None on the above solutions worked for me. Both gives error as "Charles Proxy Settings" is not a directory

Instead of the file give the ownership & permission to the entire resources folder

sudo chown -R root "/Applications/Charles.app/Contents/Resources"
sudo chmod -R u+s "/Applications/Charles.app/Contents/Resources"

Found solution to this. After running this it worked fine. Previously, "Charles Proxy Settings" was in the MacOS directory and was recently moved to the Resources directory.

SETTINGS_BIN="/Applications/Charles.app/Contents/Resources/Charles Proxy Settings"
chown root "${SETTINGS_BIN}"
chmod u+s "${SETTINGS_BIN}"
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    Surprisingly I don't see "Charles Proxy Settings" inside Resources folder. – Satyam Oct 22 '19 at 6:57

Good to me! Thanks My Shell,as below

#!/bin/bash -il
# coding=UTF-8
cd ~
SETTINGS_BIN="/Applications/Charles.app/Contents/Resources/Charles Proxy Settings" 
sudo chown root "${SETTINGS_BIN}" 
sudo chmod u+s "${SETTINGS_BIN}"

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