I'm trying to migrate a project from HybridAuth 2.xx to 3.00, and I'm facing an issue with the following call to "Hybrid_Endpoint":

require_once( "Hybrid/Auth.php" );
require_once( "Hybrid/Endpoint.php" );

I haven't seen that too much in the 2.xx documentation, but it appears quite a lot in many examples on the web, as well as in the code I try to migrate.

Apparently, in my code, there's either a login or process (the first calls authenticate(...) and the second process(...)

Should I just comment that part ? Not clear from the migration guide!

Thanks for any help !


I managed to find the answer by trial and error. The short answer, it's not needed anymore - the "process" method is now integrated in the authenticate() method (which now serves two purposes: redirect and process), as described in the examples: https://github.com/hybridauth/hybridauth/tree/master/examples

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