I'm creating a multiplayer game using Unity & Amazon GameLifts Realtime server. I'm able to create game and player sessions without a problem. The client also connects to the server using the Realtime client without a hitch. However, once the client is connected and accepted it appears to stop receiving any messages.

Initially I thought that the server had disconnected the client but the client was still able to send messages to the server without a problem. I even checked to see if the packets were being sent from the server using wireshark, this still showed that packets were arriving. It's just that the client wasn't picking them up. Something appears to be stopping the messages from being processed but I am unable to find the cause.

No error messages or disconnect signals get sent.

The client is created as such

public void CreateClient() {
    ClientConfiguration clientConfiguration = ClientConfiguration.Default();
    ClientObj = new Client(clientConfiguration);
    ClientObj.ConnectionOpen += OnOpenEvent;
    ClientObj.ConnectionClose += OnCloseEvent;
    ClientObj.GroupMembershipUpdated += OnGroupMembershipUpdate;
    ClientObj.DataReceived += OnDataReceived;
    ClientObj.ConnectionError += OnError;

    ConnectionToken token = new ConnectionToken(m_PlayerSession.playerSessionId, null);
    ClientObj.Connect(m_ConnectingGameSession.ipAddress, m_ConnectingGameSession.port, 33400, token);

Data is received with

public void OnDataReceived(object sender, DataReceivedEventArgs e) {

I have even attempted to go through the source for the Realtime client to find if the messages are being received but not passed through events. However, nothing ever seems to turn up.

Not really sure what options to take here except start work on a custom server instead of the realtime stuff.

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