Question is as stated in the title.

In gist, I am trying to get my bash scripts and Vim to behave differently when running in VS Code's integrated terminal.

Things I've found

I have managed to find several other Stack Overflow questions, but they relate to detection of operating systems:
- How to check if running in Cygwin, Mac or Linux?
- How to detect the OS from a Bash script?

  • Environment variables are the best way to do that... Can you configure the shell in VS Code to export a unique environment variable you can use for detection? Or can you check the environment in your VS Code shell to see if it already includes a variable you could use for this detection?
    – filbranden
    Aug 25, 2019 at 18:17

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By examining the shell variables in the vscode terminal you can see that it sets TERM_PROGRAM=vscode. In my .bash_profile I have the following and it works great:

if [ "$TERM_PROGRAM" == "vscode" ]; then
    # some stuff
    # other stuff

You can check the parent process until it matches or you find PID==1

#! /bin/bash

until (( pid == 1 ))
    [[ $(ps -o command= -p $pid) =~ Code ]] && break
    pid=$(ps -o ppid= $pid)

(( pid != 1 )) && echo "VS Code"

Check man ps in case yours have different options

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