My files are stored in laravel progect storage\app\file.jpg , file1.jpg etc I need to upload for example 3 files. I use:

foreach ($doc['imageIds'] as $image_id) {
    $imageBinary = $this->client->getImageBinary($details->inspection_id, $image_id);
    $name_file = $doc_type.'-'.$profile->model_type.'-'.$profile->model_id.'-'.$image_id.'.jpg';
    $path_file = storage_path('app\\'.$name_file);
    Storage::put($name_file, $imageBinary);
    $api = new Uploadcare\Api($uc_public_key, $uc_secret_key);
    $file = $api->uploader->fromPath($path_file);
    $store = $file->store();

next I use uuid for Group upload postman and get this https://ucarecdn.com/8f5e00a3-a58d-474e-9d07-184af6aff2fe~3/ How can I do group file upload via library? "uploadcare/uploadcare-php": "^2.2",

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