I am trying to download a file from url and save it to my ftp server however it throughs error of invalid character in path

using (var wc = new WebClient())
wc.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(Properties.Settings.Default.FTP_Username, Properties.Settings.Default.FTP_Password);
var savedAs= new Uri(ftp_IP + ftp_directory + miscellaneous.filename);
wc.DownloadFile(new Uri(miscellaneous.fulldownloadLink), savedAs);

  • put your code inside try/catch and print the exception and post the output here. It will help you and us understand what is causing the problem. – Bagzli Aug 25 '19 at 2:17
  • Also print out the path that you are trying to save it to, full path. – Bagzli Aug 25 '19 at 2:26

You cannot save to an ftp:// Uri as you are trying to do. WebClient.DownloadFile can only save to a local file (i.e.: a file residing on the local computer).

public void DownloadFile (Uri address, string fileName);


address Uri

The URI specified as a String, from which to download data.

fileName String

The name of the local file that is to receive the data.

REF: WebClient.DownloadFile Method

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