I am trying to get call one of my classes attribute writers, but for some reason it never gets called. Here's some code that'll make this clearer:

class Test
  attr_reader :test

  def test=(val)
    puts 'Called'
    @test = val

  def set_it(val)
    test = val

obj = Test.new
obj.set_it 5
puts obj.test
=> nil

The puts statement at the end outputs 'nil'. Adding a debugging statement to test= shows it is never called. What am I doing wrong?


I re-wrote this question partially, as I didn't truly understand the problem when I wrote it. So the question is much more generalized now.


You're doing nothing "wrong" per se. Ruby just thinks you intend to set the local variable test to val, not call the test= method. self.test = val will do what you expect.

  • I thought it was something like that. I tried test=(val) thinking that may convince Ruby I'm trying to call a method. Thanks! – Mark A. Nicolosi Feb 23 '09 at 3:25
  • So this would be true whether a mixin is involved or not? If there's no receiver specified Ruby assumes you're setting a local variable? Makes sense. – Mark A. Nicolosi Feb 23 '09 at 3:27
  • Yes, that is correct. – Logan Capaldo Feb 23 '09 at 3:28
  • Ahh, principle of least surprise can be surprising if you're coming from a language that handles this differently ;) Thanks. – Mark A. Nicolosi Feb 23 '09 at 3:57

Here's some other resources on this (apparently common) problem:

Another Stack Overflow question: Why do ruby setters need “self.” qualification within the class?

From this guys's blog:

As a Ruby newbie you probably once did race = "hooman" but noticed it didn’t work and said to yourself: “I won’t let this happen to me again. From now on, I’ll prepend self. whenever I’m calling a method!”

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