I am building an application in C to be deployed to a Raspberry pi 3 board, in which,I will be using a gpio driven interrupt. I have tried with "WiringPiISR()" but i found that it does not really create an ISR handler as pointed out in the question: Why does not WiringPiISR block the main routine when it is fired?.
What i need is a way to use arm interrupts in C and not just a workaround!!

  • You've got an operating system in between there. You cannot do any interrupt handlers. To do interrupt handlers you need to either modify the operating system kernel or write your own operating system kernel. Aug 25, 2019 at 10:35
  • It is wrong that you need an OS. However the machinery is quite complex. There is a layering of interrupt “controllers” each with enable/pending flags. There are at least three layer, an interrupt stack, cp15 registers and the irq assembler. Approx 2-10k of more obscure machine code. Aug 25, 2019 at 14:26

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Unfortunately, it's impossible! At least until you are using an Operating System in non-kernel mode. Although you can write a driver (Kernel Module in Linux) for your OS (The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide), Or ignore the OS and develop your own program in bare-metal mode (It needs a high-level knowledge).

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