I have written this code for finding the minimum number of swaps for two 2D arrays to make the first one identical to other. Can someone optimize it more?

for each in range(int(input())):
    m = int(input().split(' ')[0])
    a1 = []
    a2 = []
    for i in range(m):
        a1 += [int(k) for j in input() for k in j]
    for i in range(m):
        a2 += [int(k) for j in input() for k in j]
    if a1.count(1) == a2.count(1):
        c = 0
        for j in range(len(a1)):
            if a1[j] != a2[j]: 
                c += 1
  • Does this code work? If so, this question should be posted to Code Review. – ForceBru Aug 25 '19 at 18:18
  • @ForceBru yes posted it there on code review, thanks for letting me know – Shadab Hussain Aug 25 '19 at 21:38

This question has moved to Code Review.

Details are visible at: https://codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/226789/minimum-number-of-swaps-for-two-2d-arrays-to-make-the-first-one-identical-to-other

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