This must be really simple but just not getting my syntax right here. let's say we have classes like two below:

class Student
    Subject[] subjects;

class Subject
    string Name;
    string referenceBook;

Here is my code:

Student univStudent = new Student();

Now, I want to add subjects here but not able to do something like

univStudent.subjects.add(new Subject{....});

How do i add items to this object array?

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You can try

Subject[] subjects = new Subject[2];
subjects[0] = new Subject{....};
subjects[1] = new Subject{....};

alternatively you can use List

List<Subject> subjects = new List<Subject>();
subjects.Add(new Subject{....});
subjects.Add(new Subject{....});
// Then you can convert the List to Array like below:
Subject[] arraySubjects = subjects.ToArray<Subject>() 
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    I used the 2nd way and did a .ToArray<Subject>()
    – user583126
    Apr 23, 2011 at 17:54
  • subjects.add may need to be subjects.Add
    – Pro Q
    Nov 8, 2020 at 11:58

You can use class System.Array for add new element:

Array.Resize(ref objArray, objArray.Length + 1);
objArray[objArray.Length - 1] = new Someobject();

You can't. However, you can replace the array with a new one which contains the extra element.

But it is easier and gives better performance to use an List<T> (uses interface IList) for this. List<T> does not resize the array every time you add an item - instead it doubles it when needed.


class Student
    IList<Subject> subjects = new List<Subject>();

class Subject
    string Name;
    string referenceBook;

Now you can say:

someStudent.subjects.Add(new Subject());

If you can, use a List<Subject> instead of Subject[]... this will let you do Student.Subject.Add(new Subject()). If that is not possible, you'll have to resize your array... look at Array.Resize() at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb348051.aspx


I know this is old, but came across it looking for a simpler way, and this is how i do it, just create a new list of the same object and add it to the one you want to use e.g.

Subject[] subjectsList = {new Subject1{....}, new Subject2{....}, new Subject3{....}} 
univStudent.subjects = subjectsList ;

You can convert it ToList(), add and then convert it back ToArray().

var subjectList = univStudent.subjects.ToList();
subjectList.Add(new Subject());
univStudent.subjects = subjectList.ToArray();

You can create a list as follows.

List<Subject> allDestek = new List<Subject>() {
   new Subject(){ ID = 1, Name = "aaaa"},
   new Subject(){ ID = 2, Name = "bbbb"},
   new Subject(){ ID = 2, Name = "cccc"},
   new Subject(){ ID = 2, Name = "dddd"}


If data is coming from somewhere (EF,SQL), you can add it in a table as follows.

Stutent[] allStudent = _dataRepository.Subjectes.ToArray();

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