we have a multiple account setup in aws. Apps A,B,C are deployed into their own accounts. I want to export cloudwatch metrics (only metrics not logs) into monitoring-account (say) so that I can monitor and keep a tab on it

I have tried googling but couldnt find anything. please help

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AWS recently announced a feature to enable cross account access of CloudWatch Metrics. Step by step instructions can be see at the following url:



Centralized logging is an important requirement for various purposes such as logging, compliance, etc. It is also a recommendation form AWS to aggregate your logs in a separate account. But it requires a bit of work and understand how it all works. Here is an official AWS blog giving you step by step approach.

AWS Centralized Logging blog

  • Thanks Juned. I have an idea about logs aggregation. however, this question is only related to metrics. Aug 26, 2019 at 18:25

using cloudwatch agent config, https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonCloudWatch/latest/monitoring/CloudWatch-Agent-Configuration-File-Details.html credentials param can be supplied with the cross account role arn. Thanks,

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