Due to all the flack I have received for using MS Access database within my website I'm now trying to change over to SQL as you guys have suggested.

I was finally able to get a connection string to work after numerous attempts but, I have run into a problem trying to access the table though. I'm hosting on a Godaddy windows server and I used SSMS to create the database. Also, Godaddy has a program called myLittleAdmin and the database checks out fine. The error I'm getting says:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e37' Invalid object name 'users'.

I have tried several different names for the table, all with the same results. Here is the code.

db_server = "my_server"
db_name = "my_db-name"
db_username = "my_username"
db_userpassword = "my_password"
db_fieldname = "my_fieldname"
db_tablename = "my_tablename"
db_schema = "my_schema"

'Establish a connection to the database
Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
conn.Open("Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=" & db_server & "; Inital catalog=" & db_name & "; User ID=" & db_username & "; password=" & db_userpassword & ";")

'Test the connection to make sure it is available and it's open.
If IsObject(conn) then
 response.write "The connection is active!<br />"
 if conn.State = 1 then
   response.write "A connection is made, and is open.<br />"
 end if
end if

'Query the tables I need
Set rs= conn.execute("SELECT  * FROM [" & db_schema & "].[" & db_tablename & "]")

While Not rs.EOF

response.write ucase(db_fieldname) & ": " & rs.Fields(db_fieldname) & "<br />"


Set conn = nothing

Yey! I finally figured it out. We were heading in the right direction but, the select statement needed one more value. The database name goes in the select statement. This is what worked for me.

EX: db_name.db_schema.db_tableName


Set rs= conn.execute("SELECT  * FROM [" & db_name & "].[" & db_schema & "].[" & db_tablename & "]")

Thank you for the help BillRuhl & Adan Yan!

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