EDIT: Updated the question because I was confusing .dist-id with .id;

I'm trying to uninstall dist, but when I pass the Distribution to .uninstall it looks like it calculates different .dist-id and the Distribution does not get uninstalled.

What am I doing wrong?

#!/usr/bin/env perl6

my $dist = $*REPO.candidates( 'Grid' ).head;
say $dist.WHAT, $dist.Str, $dist.dist-id;

say $*REPO.uninstall( $dist );
say $*REPO.uninstall( $dist ); # still there

["/home/hythm/.perl6/dist/157B7E1F2BB827C99A5EF3241D61853A85E57734".IO] # shouldn't this hash be the one above ↑ ?

I can almost guarantee it is being uninstalled. Your assumption that uninstall returning some path means it didn't work is incorrect. See: perl6 -e 'unlink("asdfaefawfk")', try adding a require ::("XXX") between the uninstalls, or try running your example two different times.

.dist-id is not used for the directory -- this is easily verified by looking at the source for uninstall -- https://github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/57f4a4c933e5f9c896051793722b33f254786695/src/core.c/CompUnit/Repository/Installation.pm6#L334

You are also using $*REPO incorrectly. You almost always need to grep $*REPO.repo-chain for the specific repository you require; don't assume the first repository is always what you think it is (because it suddenly isn't when you do e.g. -I lib)

  • May be it is not "fully" uninstalled? Here is what I'm doing. 1- install Grid by zef to home repository. 2- zef installed for files into the repo, one file under dist, one file under sources, a directory under short, and a file under. 3- running the above script, I see only one file get uninstalled, (the file under sources). the dist file which is under "dist" is still there. 4- Try to install Grid again, with Zef says already installed, (meaning it was not installed). note: uninstalling via zef works fine though and removes all 4 files. – hythm Aug 27 at 16:56
  • Install zef to home directory. Then run $ perl6 -e 'my $dist = $*REPO.candidates("Zef").head; say $*REPO.uninstall($dist); require ::("Zef"); say $*REPO.uninstall($dist)'. Note how it will tell you it could not find zef. – ugexe Aug 27 at 17:07
  • I did not geta require error, here is a gist: gist.github.com/hythm7/793ccd7c9d225a02bd691448bcee779d – hythm Aug 27 at 17:29
  • I think I did not get the error because require will look for Zef int he repo-chain and eventually will find it in site repo. – hythm Aug 27 at 17:52
  • Yes, if you have multiple copies of zef installed then the example will not hold. Don't do that. – ugexe Aug 27 at 18:14

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