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How to use Loopback 4 service generator and create local service class to handle data outside the *.repository or *.controller

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I'm developing a system that requires external APIs to fetch data, complex hashing/encryption etc. that does not fall into controller scope or repository scope (for the sake of clean code). Loopback 4 has CLI command lb4 service to generate service and this is poorly documented. How to create a class inside the /service folder and import (or inject or bind or whatever) and use it's methods as we do with repositories?


call methods from service like this.PasswordService.encrypt('some text') or this.TwitterApiService.getTweets() that are defined in /service directory

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Ok, I figured this out myself. I'll explain this in steps that I followed.

  1. create folder /src/service and inside it create myService.service.ts and index.ts as same as in controller,repository etc. (or use lb4 service and select local service class). note: If you want to implement interface, you can.

  2. Create binding key withBindingKey.create() method.

export const MY_SERVICE = BindingKey.create<ServiceClass>('service.MyService');

ServiceClass can be either class or interface.

  1. Goto application.ts and bind the key (here service.MyService) to the service class.
export class NoboBackend extends BootMixin(
) {
  constructor(options: ApplicationConfig = {}) {

    //add below line

    //and code goes on...
  1. Inject the service to the class you want. Here I inject to a controller
export class PingdController {
    @inject(MY_SERVICE ) private myService: ServiceClass,
  ) {}

Now you can access your service like this.myService.getData(someInput)...!!!

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