Getting 504 Gateway Time-out in response if the server takes more than 60 secs, process on the server keeps running and complete its execution but on client side getting response 504 Gateway timeout of 60 secs so suspecting apache not waiting for PHP to complete its execution and sending gateway timeout response.

Read somewhere that can't increase Timeout for apache 2.4.6 it is a known bug for that particular version, so can't try out by increasing the timeout for apache.My site is running over https and any request that is taking more than 60 sec processing fro php side, getting response Gateway timeout 504.

Note: No proxy and no load balancer is there, the server is setup on Amazon EC2 and running (LAMP- Linux centos 7, Apache 2.4.6,MySQL 5.7,PHP 5.6)

  • If php and server continue to work but your browser display timeout it's ok for you ?
    – Xenofexs
    Aug 27, 2019 at 15:32
  • how run php - php-apache-module php-cgi php-fmp ?
    – FAEWZX
    Aug 27, 2019 at 16:39
  • @FAEWZX php-apache-module
    – Anil Singh
    Aug 27, 2019 at 17:40
  • @Xenofexs, No that is an issue and looking solution for that here
    – Anil Singh
    Aug 27, 2019 at 17:53
  • 2
    I found out the problem on my side - it was a load balancer timeout. We're using AWS load balancer and it's default timeout was 60 seconds, this was a pain to catch, hope it could help others.
    – Rony
    May 29, 2020 at 17:48

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Increasing the max_execution_time limit in php.ini


Increase the default timeout value in the httpd.conf

Timeout 600

At the beginning of the script, start displaying information, for example

print " ";

continue to send data periodically to maintain the connection

  • 1
    On AWS EC2 (LAMP) the Timeout directive in httpd.conf did the trick. Dec 2, 2020 at 23:42
  • 3
    Timeout wasn't even in my httpd.conf file. Adding it though did the trick!
    – dbDev
    Apr 12, 2022 at 0:53

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