I'm trying to get Reach Router to navigate programmatically from one of my components. The URL is updated as expected however the route is not rendered and if I look at the React developer tools I can see the original component is listed as being displayed.

If I refresh the page once at the new URL then it renders correctly.

How can I get it to render the new route?

A simplified example is shown below and I'm using @reach/router@1.2.1 (it may also be salient that I'm using Redux).

import React from 'react';

import { navigate } from '@reach/router';

const ExampleComponent = props => {

  return <div />;

export default ExampleComponent;

I was running into the same issue with a <NotFound defualt /> route component.

This would change the URL, but React itself didn't change:

import React from "react";
import { RouteComponentProps, navigate } from "@reach/router";

interface INotFoundProps extends RouteComponentProps {}

export const NotFound: React.FC<INotFoundProps> = props => {
  // For that it's worth, neither of these worked 
  // as I would have expected
  if (props.navigate !== undefined) {
  // ...or...
  navigate("/", { replace: true });

  return null;

This changes the URL and renders the new route as I would expect:

export const NotFound: React.FC<INotFoundProps> = props => {
  React.useEffect(() => {
    navigate("/", { replace: true });
  }, []);

  return null;

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