I have a couple of subplots and the data are probabilities, so should (and do) range between 0 and 1. When I plot them with a violinplot the y-axis of ax[0] extends above 1 (see pic). I know this is just because of the distribution kernel that the violinplot makes, but still it looks bad and I want the y-axes of these 2 plots to be the same. I have tried set_ylim on the left plot, but then I can't get the values (or look) to be the same as the plot on the right. Any ideas?

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When creating your subplots, set the sharey parameter to True so that both plots share the same limits for the vertical axis.


Since you have already tried setting sharey to True, I suggest getting the lower and upper limits ymin and ymax from the left hand side figure and passing them as arguments in set_ylim() for the right hand side figure.

1) Create your subplots:

fig, ax1 = plt.subplots(1,2, figsize = (5, 5), dpi=100)

2) Create left hand side figure here: ax[0].plot(...)

3) Get the axes limits using the get_ylim() method as detailed here: ymin, ymax = ax[0].get_ylim()

4) Create right hand side figure: ax[1].plot(...)

5) Set the axes limits of this new figure: ax[1].set_ylim(bottom=ymin, top=ymax)

  • I should have said that I tried this and that the problem is there are 2 further axes below these that have a different scale. For that reason the sharey parameter doesn't work. – fffrost Aug 28 '19 at 23:25

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