I'm looking for any feedback on using Azure service bus with Biztalk server 2016 for queuing some web requests in a high traffic group

  • why not using Logic Apps instead? so everything will be cloud based. – ϻᴇᴛᴀʟ Aug 29 at 5:02
  • Because all my business logic and processing are already on Biztalk. So instead to expose our orchestration as web services that exceed sometimes the wait timeout from partners, I want to queue theses requests from Azure ami manager to a queue and send a technical ack on this. Biztalk will process asynchronously from the queue. The articles shared on internet are just to discover this feature but I'm looking for a real production feedback – Hichamveo Aug 29 at 5:08
  • what we did before is to use traffic manager and create a web app to send data to on premise sql server via biztalk hybrid connection manager. then a wcf polling in biztalk end to get those data from database. – ϻᴇᴛᴀʟ Aug 29 at 5:18
  • My issue is to return an ack asap, some eco sites use these calls for there on-line orders. So I want to avoid any random problems network or latency to send the ack. With service bus there is no need to send the request to onpremise app or db – Hichamveo Aug 29 at 5:23
  • Is BizTalk in Azure or on-prem? – Johns-305 Aug 30 at 12:18

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