Is there anyway I can set a default value to a parameter of a stream in siddhi?

I have an input stream that takes inputs via a curl command.

@source(type='http', receiver.url='', @map(type = 'json', @attributes(a='$.a', b='$.b', c='$.c')))

I wish to make the parameter c set a default value as 'test', unless specified otherwise in my cURL command.

Is there any way to achieve this?


You can set fail.on.missing.attribute to false in the JSON mapper and do a null check and assign the value. Refer the official Source JSON Mapper documentation and Siddhi default function you can use to set a default value to the argument if it's null.

Following is a sample Siddhi application for you to refer.


@Source(type = 'http',
        @map(type='json',fail.on.missing.attribute='false', @attributes(name='$.item', amount='$.charge')))
define stream SweetProductionStream (name string, amount string);

define stream OutputStream (name string, amount string);

-- Count the incoming events
from SweetProductionStream
select default(name, 'DefaultName') as name, default(amount, '0.0') as amount
insert into OutputStream;

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