I'm using ReactiveUI 9.21 and DynamicData 6.13 together with WinForms.

I did read https://dynamic-data.org/tag/dynamicdata/ and some other resources, but am still confused with IObservableCache, ReadOnlyObservableCollection and others when dealing with changes in DynamicData collections.

If I have a SourceCache<Result, string> recoResults in a model class - how can I sort it there, and then:

Q1: How do I expose SourceCache to be bound to a BindingList<Result> (in a view model for a view with a DataGridView)?

Q2: At the same time, how do I expose SourceCache to be able to react to IChangeSets manually (in a view with a non-reactive plot component)?

What I have:

In the moment, I expose the SourceCache unsorted as IObservableCache in the model and connect to it the views/view models:

public IObservableCache<Result, string> RecoResults { get; protected set; } 
private readonly SourceCache<Result, string> recoResults;

public DropModel()
    recoResults = new SourceCache<Result, string>(e => e.ID);       
    RecoResults = recoResults.AsObservableCache();      

Sorting for the DataGridView's BindingList works in the view model:

ResultBindingList = new BindingList<RecoResult>();

But I don't know how to do the sorting in the view with the non-reactive plot component:

// Still unsorted results:
var observableResults = VM.DropModel.RecoResults.Connect();

// Add result:
var d2 = observableResults.WhereReasonsAre(ChangeReason.Add)
    .ForEachChange(x => {
        // Add to plot

// Remove result:
var d3 = observableResults.WhereReasonsAre(ChangeReason.Remove)
    .Subscribe(_ => {
        // Remove from plot

What I'd like to have:

I'd like to do the sorting in a central place, because the user can choose between two ways of sorting and I want to sync it in all views. I'd like to expose the sorted results as a single property and use it for the BindingList as well as for manual change iterations.

In the model, I already tried:

public ??? SortedResults { get; protected set; }


Q3: What return type is the best to use for SortedResults?

And in general:

Q4: When do we use IObservableCache/IObservableList, and when do we use ReadOnlyObservableCollection? And when is IObservable<IChangeSet<T, key>> used?

  • Winforms is special in terms of it likes to use BindingList for everything. So where you see ReadOnlyObservableCollection I would exchange it for BindingList. But essentially you would in some circumstances keep SourceList/Cache confined to your view model (and if not needed by other view models private) and BindingList you would expose to your view. – Glenn Watson Aug 29 at 8:28
  • The sorting and mutating gets exposed in the collection set by your Bind(). – Glenn Watson Aug 29 at 8:30

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