I am very new to python.my code is below -

reading_range = "0:54, 2:34" #this is my variable 
data.iloc[reading_range]  #this line is giving error ,because the value is coming as '0:54, 2:34'

but I want something like

data.iloc[0:54, 2:34]

Thanks in advance

  • Please consider accept my answer if you find it's possible. Or tell me is there something wrong. – Alpha Aug 29 at 11:09
index = reading_range.split(',')
eval('data.iloc[{}, {}]'.format(index[0], index[1]))

see what eval() does: What does Python's eval() do?

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    Maybe add new link - link – jezrael Aug 29 at 9:53

The colon and comma are syntactical sugar, for a tuple and slice(..) objects. You can generate something equivalent like:

reading_range = slice(0,54), slice(2,34)
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    Thanks..its working perfectly.. – learning java Aug 30 at 10:51

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